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September 19-28, 2020

Beyond 10 Days: Find Out What’s Next

10 Days of Prayer is happening again in St. Louis in 2020! We’ll join with the global 10 Days movement to pray, worship and repent in Jesus’ name from September 19-28, with prayer events hosted by various organizations each day across our region.

Watch for scheduling details to come. In the meantime, here are a few ways to continue in prayer for St. Louis:

• Of course, please pray for our city, state, nation and world during this time of global pandemic and economic distress. Many prayer gatherings are now happening online, enabling the Church to continue to pray together even as we find ourselves physically distanced.

STL Area Prayer Gatherings – Join with other Christians at any of these prayer times in the St. Louis region.

Facebook – Follow us on Facebook for updates on what’s happening and what’s to come as we continue to pray for our region.

You can keep up with what’s next for the PFTL movement by text or at prayforthelou.org.

Check Out What’s New

Pray for the Lou Overview – A look at one County church’s Pray for the Lou experience on 3.14.20.
Photos: 10 Days In Action – View images from 10 Days in 2019.
A Perspective On 10 Days – A more detailed overview of the events of 10 Days 2019 from a personal perspective.

About Us

10 Days of Prayer began in 2004 and has grown into an international effort to pray together in cities, with its roots right here in St. Louis. Everyone in the St. Louis Metro Area is invited to participate in 10 Days of Prayer! Participating prayer sites are representative of many different denominations and traditions. We hope that the Body of Christ will increase in unity by praying together and visiting each other’s churches across our region.

10 Days is a prayer meeting for all of the region. It’s a season where Jesus Christ is the focus of every heart in our area for 10 entire days!

10 Days is a call to take a break from what’s normal on earth so we can enter into what’s normal in heaven.  Revelation chapters 4-5 describe the kind of worship that’s normal in heaven.  10 Days is a call to take vacation time, fast from ordinary life and daily distractions in order to see what’s normal in heaven happen here!

10 Days: The Invitation

10 Days Locations & Guides (2019)

Schedule & Locations – View the 2019 schedule of locations for each day. You can also get a description of each location here.

Prayer Guide – Our theme for 2019 was the Lord’s Prayer, upon which our prayer guide is based. It’s a great tool to help you pray personally or in family and corporate gatherings throughout the 10 days and beyond.

Fasting Guide – We also encouraged fasting during the 10 days, and now as the Lord leads in your daily life. Download the guide to learn more.

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